Vanessa Hudgens Presents Her New “Bowie Inspired” Suit Collection

Vanessa Hudgens Presents Her New “Bowie Inspired” Suit Collection

Many celebrities have shown their interest in fashion, and some of them do have a good fashion sense, while others simply don’t. If we talk about Vanessa Hudgens, all of us will definitely agree that she is undoubtedly a fashion icon! In this article, I’ll tell you more about her new collection inspired in the late David Bowie.

The Collection

Suits for women are trendy right now, which is why Vanessa created this terrific collection with her own vintage touch based on her idols David Bowie and Bianca Jagger, fashion icons of the ‘70s and ‘80s.

The collection includes a variety of blouses, a tuxedo, and 4 different models of suits for women. Thanks to the partnership between Hudgens and the famous clothing brand SUISTUDIO, this project became a reality. It dropped just a few days ago, on October 4th.

A Dream Come True

Hudgens claims that she’s always wanted to be a fashion designer. That’s is why she put so much effort into every single piece of clothing that she created, making them especially to express how strong and powerful women are.

Suits Are Not Only For Men Anymore

Many people believe that wearing a suit is a men’s thing. However, since several years ago, women started to wear suits, especially in work environments, due to the sobriety and seriousness that this attire gives to women. But these suits were only simple copies of boring suits like men’s suits.

However, Hudgens discovered the perfect designs to keep women suits trendy! She explained that she created this collection with the idea that every woman who wears any piece that belongs to the collection can feel strong, powerful, and solemn because that’s how women are. They just seem to forget it thanks to the way society treats them.

Don’t be afraid to wear a suit! Vanessa Hudgens will definitely make you look on point.

Cardi B Turned Herself In to the Police Due to a New York’s Nightclub Altercation

Cardi B Turned Herself In to the Police Due to a New York’s Nightclub Altercation

Cardi B is definitely one of the most controversial artists in the music industry right now. She has been involved in several scandals during her short career, the last one of those being that she participated on an altercation at a strip club located in New York City. After that, she had to turn herself into the police. Keep reading to find out everything about it.

The Attack

Last August, Cardi B got to the famous Angels Strip Club and began to attack two of the club’s female bartenders with bottles and chairs after one of the parties involved threw a drink. It is believed that the main motive behind the attack was previous misunderstandings with one of these women.

The victims, Baddie Gi and Jade, had to go to the hospital right after the incident. The two women are sisters, but the latter is the one who has problems with the singer, given that she allegedly had an affair with Cardi B’s husband.

The Consequences

On October, a few days after the investigation, the police officers in charge of the case arrested Cardi B and eight other people related to her. These arrests were not violent, as the suspects surrendered. The singer was charged for disorderly conduct, among other crimes.

Cardi B’s Reaction

Cardi’s security team had to use umbrellas as protection against the paparazzi cameras. Despite her bodyguard’s efforts, some paparazzi took photos of her leaving the precinct and different newspapers and blogs have published the news.

According to witnesses of these violent acts, Cardi B hasn’t changed her behavior, as she continues to threaten the victims after everything that has happened. Some witnesses claim that she thinks her fame is going to help her get away with the crimes, but fortunately, the American legal system doesn’t work as she thinks.