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Do you consider yourself to be a devoted celebrities’ follower? So devoted that sometimes you feel like you are obsessed with them? That is totally normal. Nowadays, more and more people have become obsessed with their idols and everything that has to do with them.

My name is David Briggs and I’m the owner of this blog. I’m also a dedicated celebrities’ fan. In here, I encourage people to follow their favorite celebrities’ life. In fact, I help them with it by keeping them updated with the latest news regarding their favorite celebrities.

In this blog, you might find news about a wide variety of famous people, whether they are musicians, actors, singers, bands or groups, movie directors, dancers, models or entertainers.

If you become a follower of this blog, I assure that you will always be completely informed of all those scandals, secrets, facts, and interesting rumors that surround Hollywood! Plus, in here, you can also find every shocking news involving celebrities. All the important information about your favorite stars is certainly collected in here.

However, having this kind of blog is anything but a piece of cake, and I appreciate any kind of contribution. If you want to help me, you can go to the Contribute section and I will tell you how to do it without any problem!