3 Celebrity Couples Who Dated Before Making It Big

3 Celebrity Couples Who Dated Before Making It Big

These people are really famous. You might know them thanks to their successful careers and it’s likely for you to consider yourself a big fan of them! However, you don’t know every single aspect of their life. Or maybe you do, but not about their previous, non-famous life.

If I’m right, then you might not know that they dated other famous people when they weren’t famous either! Here I show you these three couples that I’m sure you haven’t heard of:

Conan O’Brien and Lisa Kudrow

Conan O’Brien is an American writer, musician, producer, and also the host of the famous TV show “Late Night”. He is currently married to Liza Powel, but before that, he dated the actress Lisa Kudrow for a short period of time.

This happened before she became famous thanks to her character Phoebe Buffay on the TV series Friends. The two get along pretty well. So well, actually, that at some point they decided that they were better as friends.

Fergie and Justin Timberlake

This relationship happened a long, long time ago! Justin was 16 years old, he was starting his career with NSYNC having released their first album, and Fergie, on the other hand, was 23 years old. Shocking, huh? She was his girlfriend right before he dated Britney.

Nowadays, both of them are incredibly famous thanks to their music careers, and they’re also married to other people. Justin is married to Jessica Biel, and Fergie is married to Josh Duhamel.

Melissa Joan Hart and Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool and Sabrina together?! Well, yeah! It happened when these two actors were teenagers. Melissa is a bit older than Ryan, but he didn’t seem to care about it. He gave her a watch and, despite her hesitations about being with a younger guy, she accepted.

Melissa is currently married to Mark Wilkerson, and Ryan, formerly married to Scarlett Johansson, is now married to Blake Lively. He definitely has a thing for blondes!

Now you know about these particular couples that you couldn’t have possibly imagined were together at some point.